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That those who help you through your harsh times need a little help every now and then too. SickKids Hospital in Toronto plays such a major role in the lives of so many kids out there, and we want to help them keep up the good work. Our major objective is to run a patient friendly show experience using product donations of every kind, while contributing much needed funds to The Hospital For Sick Children in Toronto, through the excellent work of Child Life Specialists at SickKids Foundations. From music gear to bands, costumed crusaders, water, everything we offer is donated in some way thanks to the generous contributions from the local community in Georgina, and across the country.
For more information, visit our about us page or donate to our Sick Kids Online link and have your donation go directly to the hospital. Also a great way for family from other places who cannot attend the show to be involved, courtesy of a very special idea we will announce soon.

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Our major objective is to run a patient friendly show experience using product donations of every kind. From music gear to bands, costumed crusaders, water, everything we offer is donated in some way. The reason we focus on product donation is The Foundation sends out 100% deductible tax exception paperwork for product donation as opposed to the 19% deduction that goes with a cash donation. Last year through product donation, we were able to acquire some very cool raffle prizes from a motivational speakers promotion company. Col. Chris Hadfield signed a guitar for us along with two copies of his book, Canadian Gold Medalists Hayley Wickenhieser and Matt Duchane signed Olympic Gold Medal Hockey Jerseys among other Canadian Olympic Team memorabilia. We organized a local building supply retailer to donate the materials to build a life sized table soccer game and found over $6000 in Halloween costumes to take right to the hospital for our cheque presentation. One of our main acts, Starsik, and another friend of ours, Scott Reid from LiveLargeMusic, who has his own experiences with Sick Kids, did a show in The Bear Theatre that was viewed by patients via Sick Kids Patient Channel, on the same day. When we raffled off the Olympic Jerseys at Hopefest in August of last year, the winner of the Hayley Wickenhieser jersey donated it back to us on the condition that we took it to the hospital for a patient hockey fan, which we were very happy to do. These are just a few examples of the great things our group is able to do with the generous support of donors.
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Rain or Shine, we stand with our friends in Absolute Journey for if the drops should fall we shall dance in the rain. Gage Park is totally covered by trees anyways so great day to come, as just one of the stops on this weekends promotional tour. Raffle tickets will be available today for a Gordon Lightfoot signed Epiphone guitar and the draw takes place on Labor Day weekend at Hopefest.
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Hopefest with Joe Hand and 7 others.Thursday, May 26th, 2016 at 2:37pm
A simple but powerful act of kindness has raised over $2,700 so far for SickKds Foundation. Jeremy Cibirka started a $300 collection at Hopefest 2015 to shave his beard on stage for charity, which he pulled off in just one night. Then Joe Hand and Dave Ahara stepped the game up a bit, doubling the donation number each time. Now Jeremy has been nominated again and is up to the challenge with the biggest donation number yet and a whole summer to raise funds before Hopefest 2016 on Labor Day weekend.
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The Guitar Gangsters in Cadillac Blood need your support this Sunday and every day until then, to show Rock 95 how we do it here in Springfield
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