joanne cn tower
Over the winter, our new friend & positivity writer, Joanne Pugh, wrote a series of articles about some of our key organizers & supporters. As a Personal Life Coach & natural remedies advocate, through her business Essence for Abundance, Joanne seeks to empower everyone, and specifically youth, to be whatever they desire, so her write ups were focused on stories that added something to that and inspired her to keep up the good work.

Local Rockers in Starsik lead the way with a story about their song, Phoenix, which is all about rebirth, “waking up with Sunshine in your veins” and what it takes to succeed with a positive mindset.

Next a bit of info about our event and why we do what we do for SickKids Foundation through Hopefest.

Then our resident surfer/sea defender Wyatt Buffey talked about his work with Aloha Toronto annually & various other charity initiatives hes supported over the years before becoming our first M/C in 2013.

The 4th installment was all about another one of our acts at Hopefest, Joe & Sonya along with all the guys from Unglued not only perform at the show but sell tickets, put up posters, and organize support from BMO Sutton, where Sonya works. Because of her efforts over the years, not long after this article was written the bank donated $1,050 in her name to our cause as part of their Volunteer Grants Program.

Last but certainly not least we asked Joanne to do a write up on herself and why she chooses to give back to the world in her own way. What she had to say about others was so inspiring we wanted to hear what gave her Hope, little did we know that our little event would be on the list.

We want to thank Joanne for taking the time to spread this Miracle of Hope to so many people,
Lady, you are AWESOME