Gàire, Grá, Beo

Our family has been very involved in fundraising events of a few different sorts over the years; Team Nipples North at The 60klm Walk For Women’s Cancers 5 times, a donor clinic night with Canadian Blood Services and ONEMATCH as well as our own local Breast Cancer Café during the annual street sale, bowling nights and the Relay For Life, so we started working on an event that was targeted to patients of any hospital and Eaglewood Resort offered us the perfect venue. A 90 acre campground that is completely wheelchair access and deemed a protected wetland so has plenty of shade as well as a few small cabins, access to water, horse trails that can also double as ambulance roads if necessary. It was also the original home of The Eaglewood Folk Festival so it has a great musical past and neighbors that love music and to be involved with the park. Our family has had it’s share of hospital trips so we are intimately aware of the needs of patients so we only run events that can be enjoyed by everyone and make a point of including volunteers who have their own reasons to give back.

Hopefest began as a way to give something back to the essential services that play such a big role in the lives of patients, something that everyone of all walks of life could participate in. We would love to reach a point where anyone who has ever been involved with SickKids Foundations, all over the world, know there are people out there who care as much about them as they have for others. Until the day of the first show, Hopefest was an idea only, open to interpretation, but as we move forward with it the sky is the limit. Anyone with positive contributions is welcome and encouraged to participate in their own way. As family members of loved ones going through hard times, it is extremely difficult to sit back and watch your child, sibling, cousin or distant relation go through their treatments knowing there is little you can do, other than make them comfortable. Whether that is in the form of a light touch of encouragement, ice cream brought to the hospital room, watching movies, or just sitting quietly together during a treatment, sometimes you have to take time out to enjoy the little things. When patients are being treated at SickKids, they spend a significant amount of time on their own, while their friends sleep at home, go to school, and participate in all the things that kids do. Although Child Life Services at The Hospital For Sick Children in Toronto work really hard to make sure they stay connected with their friends and family, there is only so much they can do without the generous contributions of donors like you. 

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