HOPEFEST Presents Music 4 Miracles


Music is the Message

HOPEFEST Presents Music 4 Miracles, our big event for the year, is based around the wheelchair access nature and exceptional musical heritage of Eaglewood Resort. This outdoor event showcases the superb musical talent our region has to offer along with a full range of food/product vendors from the Georgina business community.
Rock, Country, Blues, and Jazz are genres we have offered in the past and with Eaglewood’s special past, we make sure to throw in a little Folk, when we can. We also have some age appropriate entertainment options for parents to enjoy with their little ones. Multiple stages allow the music to play on, all day, and guests are encouraged to bring their instruments, start up a jam or possibly sit in with a band on stage. We would like to thank all members of the local music scene that contribute to making this day possible. From performers to techs, grips to lug gear, and the greatest team of volunteers we could ask for, HOPEFEST family, we love ya!!

Along with this event we do our best to support local talent and promote shows our performers are involved in. Our roster of past performers have been very active over the years with other charity events of all sorts. We welcome submissions for both bands and child performers but ask that performers donate their time to the cause in exchange for camp site rental fee for the weekend, volunteer food from the “Green Room” and 100% of the merchandise sales done by volunteers at our booth.